Web Strategy: Planning a Site pt.3

October 13th, 2009

A web strategy has two basic functions: to help you focus on what’s the real purpose of your site and set some guidelines for the overall development later on.
Its importance goes beyond the creation of the site, it involves also long-term decision for what concerns the business and maintanance of structure and content

Content Strategy: planning a site pt.2

September 22nd, 2009

Content Strategy is probably one of the most important step during the process of design a website and should be considered in the early stages, but it’s instead often neglected.
I’ll try to explain you why it is important and how you can use this technique to have a more effective, helpful, better organized content.

Wireframes and Concept: Planning a Website

August 22nd, 2009

When planning a website the first important steps involve just a pen and a paper. It’s crucial to understand what we are creating and its nature. To list the purpose, the expected content and draw its structure will be our first concern. This articles gives an insight of how we can plan our content and how to use wireframes.